Tapta — The voice of the common people

(in four parts) by Ringo Pebam

Tapta needs no introduction, it was sometime in mid-90’s, when he came to the music scene in Manipur with a solid bang, with his debut album called “Power of Attraction”. He has been a cult figure; his music has been cult music since then. He is a favorite of the mass – from ang-ngang to aa-han, from rock music aficionados to hindustani classical fans to folk music (nat-ki oiba esei – music of our forefathers) lovers, he is love by all.


Tapta Tunes
by Jyaneswar Laishram

Tapta has a blend of musical genres ranging from Hindustani to heavy metal. Under the aegis of Loukrakpam Jayenta, the band was formed during the late Eighties in a small village called Naranseina in Bishnupur, Manipur. 

Poetic Discourse in the Songs of Tapta
by Usham Rojio

Tapta refreshes the field of cultural studies and modernism. His performance serves an axis of a large section of the media which orthodoxy used to segregate. Discourse analysis has shown that reading is not confined to the letter or field of letters. The text is still one of the major elements in the chain of interconnected media that represents Tapta’s act.

The Wall of Bombula Haiku

Every number by Tapta — a change-all-the-rules-and-everything kind of Manipuri singer, who has enthralled us with his change-all-the-rules-and-everything songs — can be rendered into a haiku.

And some introduction. Bombula, in Manipuri, means crackers; while haiku is a Japanese poetry that comprises three lines of five, seven and five syllables each. So add bombula and haiku and we have got this cracking and blasting blog!


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